This whole website is about me! What can I say on this page that isn't redundant? I suppose you might see it the other way -- perhaps this page is relevant, and every other page is redundant. Either way, I'm clearly in trouble.

Whenever someone asks me the terrible question "What do you do?" I feel a sense of panic. The short answer is that I'm a writer. But as this website makes clear, or unclear, I do many different things, some for love and some for money. I hope to eventually make money doing the things I love, on my terms, and spend less time doing things I don't love, on others' terms, for money. This is turning into a starving-artist manifesto. Let me start over.

I live in New York City. I'm a writer, performer, and designer. I write plays, songs, sketches, and essays. I perform in theatrical productions, mostly my own, and as a comedian. I play characters. I play myself. I sing. I do not dance much. I'm a graphic designer and cartoonist. I'm an occasional director and producer. I'm a video editor and animator. I'm a New York City tour guide.

I researched and adapted I'll Say She Is and have played the role of Groucho Marx in this and many other productions. I wrote and illustrated the daily comig strip Love Marches On. I wrote and performed the stage show 400 Years in Manhattan, and wrote the book based on it. I co-wrote, co-produced, and co-appeared in the Nero Fiddled political musicals, with Amanda Sisk, my partner in life and art.

It sounds pretentious when I try to convey in a few words that I work in several creative disciplines. There's no simple way to put it. Renaissance man is self-aggrandizing. Hyphenate is vague and confusing. Nobody knows what polymath means. Same issue with protean.

Now this is becoming a cop-out. Instead of telling you about myself I'm telling you about the challenges of telling you about myself.

I'm a writer.

Noah Diamond


© 2017 Noah Diamond