Burning Bush: Press

"Galvanizing and energizing...very funny...envelope-pushing!

"We need more Noah Diamonds and Amanda Sisks to take aim at all the bastions 
of power in this country...

"The most politically motivated show I've seen in NYC in a long time. Hardly 
anything could be more American than that."

-- MARTIN DENTON, nytheatre.com
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"Author/performers Noah Diamond and Amanda Sisk created a theatrical romp 
with song parodies, dance routines, much camping and vamping...The cast has a 
lot of fun with it while putting their every effort and heart into the songs...

"Brian Louis Hoffman's absurd George W. Bush heightens this satire to farce level. 
He's a dead ringer in movement and intensity of Georgie...If I ever needed a Jesus 
who could double as a dozen other characters I'd call on Corey Moosa."

-- LARRY LITT, nytheatre-wire.com
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First press release:
"Burning Bush" Takes Politics Seriously

Second press release:
Liberal Bloggers Stage "Burning Bush" -- And the President is Invited








Based on a presidency by Karl Rove.

Original Production:

HERE Arts Center, New York, September-October 2005

Cast: Amanda Sisk, 
Corey Moosa, Ellie 
Dvorkin, Kim Moscaritolo, Noah Diamond, Brian Louis Hoffman

Musical Arrangements 
and Band:
 Drew Brady, Mike Biskup, Steve Dans, Boris Veysman

Written and Directed by Noah Diamond and 
Amanda Sisk

Scenes: "I Cannot Tell the Truth," "The Facts," "Bush in Love," "Peenack," "The Pet Goat," "The Finger 
Report," "Working 
Vacation," "Fascist 
Parents," "11/2/04," 
"Passion of the Bush"

Songs: "Who's Bush," 
"Karl Rove," "The 
Creature," "Jesus's 
Jihad," "The Election Was Stolen," "You Voted Republican,"
"Alberto Gonzales," "On the March"

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