Burning Bush: A Faith-Based Musical (2005)

Burning Bush: A Faith-Based Musical tells the story of George W. Bush's life and crimes, starting with his childhood in Texas ("Father, I cannot tell the truth -- that cherry tree illicitly sought to purchase uranium from Africa") and working all the way up to his illegitimate presidency and, yes, even his crucifixion.

Along the way, we find ourselves in a Florida classroom on a terrible morning ("The Pet Goat"), in a suburban American household divided by politics ("You Voted Republican"), and at a meeting of the Evangelical Christian Political Operative Organization, or ECPOO. The group's leader declares that "just as God spoke to Moses, he now speaks to us -- through a Bush. A BURNING BUSH!"

I guess we're all stuck
right in the middle of Jesus's Jihad -- JEE-HAD!
Onward, Christian soldiers of the right!
When we marched into Washington D.C.
we couldn't say that we had -- WE HAD!
seen the Constitution, but we'd seen the light.

Oh yes we're all stuck
right in the middle of Jesus's Jihad -- JEE-HAD!
It's not the gentlest fundamentalist corp!
We're washing sin from Washington.
Read the Bible, grab a gun!
We won't stop until we've won
the Great American Holy War!

You're gonna see the population boom.
The Ten Commandments are posted in the womb.
We're marching toward the great day when
even the unborn are born again.

Although it may sound dopey, it is true:
the masses need an opiate or two.
So come aboard the new zeitgeist:
war and hunger in the name of -- JESUS CHRIST!



Based on a presidency by Karl Rove.

Original Production:

HERE Arts Center, New York, September-October 2005

Cast: Amanda Sisk, 
Corey Moosa, Ellie 
Dvorkin, Kim Moscaritolo, Noah Diamond, Brian Louis Hoffman

Musical Arrangements 
and Band:
 Drew Brady, Mike Biskup, Steve Dans, Boris Veysman

Written and Directed by Noah Diamond and 
Amanda Sisk

Scenes: "I Cannot Tell the Truth," "The Facts," "Bush in Love," "Peenack," "The Pet Goat," "The Finger 
Report," "Working 
Vacation," "Fascist 
Parents," "11/2/04," 
"Passion of the Bush"

Songs: "Who's Bush," 
"Karl Rove," "The 
Creature," "Jesus's 
Jihad," "The Election Was Stolen," "You Voted Republican,"
"Alberto Gonzales," "On the March"

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