Who is Max Fleming?

Though history has all but forgotten him, Max Fleming was at one time considered the greatest vocalist in the world (by his then-wife, Bitsy Smits Fleming, now Bitsy Smits Fleming Fitzgerald). Although public statements made by Frank Sinatra in 1956 did much to malign him, Fleming remained a critic's darling for years. Sadly, that critic never managed to get a job, so Fleming's praises went unsung.

It was this, along with a quick temper and a fondness for drink, that deprived him of the  resurgence in popularity enjoyed by so many Big Band era crooners in the 1990s. His  signature number, "Doodle-de-Do," enjoyed a brief return to the zeitgeist when it was featured  on the soundtrack of the 2002 independent feature film
 Another Shirt for Mama.

After I created this website years ago, I got the opportunity to meet Mr. Fleming, and even to work with him on two occasions. Although his planned appearance in my musical Burning Bush did not work out, he did record a demo (available here). He also provided the title song for the 2008 documentary Who is Ralph Piss?, which was co-produced by my company, Nero Fiddled.

I'm proud, if mystified, that this is still the world's only Max Fleming website. It seems right that there should be one, because I notice that many musical performers have websites these days. Britney Spears is but one example.

This site is unofficial and unassociated with Mr.  Fleming, who is, for the most part, still alive.

-- Noah Diamond

Max Fleming

The Duets Album

One of the most ambivalently-anticipated musical events in almost two weeks, Max Fleming Duets unites the classic old-time crooner with people who are more successful than he is.

Max Fleming Duets features unforgettable performances, joining the unmistakable Fleming voice with the voices of Eminem, Britney Spears, and others.

Listen to sample tracks, and buy your copy of Max Fleming Duets today! How bad could it be?