Moral Value Meal: About the Show

Read Noah's essay "Becoming Santorum," about one of the great acting challenges of a lifetime.

Moral Value Meal is the second chapter in the Burning Bush trilogy. Picking up where Burning Bush left off, it examines the central fallacy of the Bush administration's second-term spin: that the 2004 election was decided by "moral values."

The first half takes place all over America. A gay wedding is raided by the Department of Homeland Security. A pharmacist refuses to fill a prescription for birth control.
Wholesome songbirds hawk For the Love of God, a CD compilation of evangelical love songs "guaranteed to keep you out of the mood."

The show then moves to Washington, where true morality is even scarcer. Donald 
Rumsfeld and Peter Pace approve body armor that's nothing more than a strip: "You can move it up and down," the Secretary of Defense confidently explains. Senator Rick Santorum takes his feelings about the human fetus much, much too far. And George W. Bush, after conferring with several portraits, interrupts a Crawford vacation to prevent a man from removing a feeding tube from the severed leg of his deceased wife. It's hilarious!

It happens in stages.
It's like the Dark Ages.
Commandments in the court,
Constitution on the shelf.
The government's lying,
illegally spying.
Democracy is dying
and I don't feel so good myself.

Whatever you thought a free republic was,
get used to the fear, the fraud, the fight, the fuzz.
Whatever you hear or read or say or do,
Big Brother's looking at you -- you're a terrorist!

Forget about welfare.
There's not even health care.
Of course if you're a millionaire,
they'll cut you a deal.
We're not getting younger,
so to help with our hunger,
sit down and order me
a moral value meal.


A hilarious comedy 
about the death of 
freedom in America.

Original Production:
Urban Stages, New York,  May 2006

Cast: Amanda Sisk, 
Corey Moosa, Ellie 
Dvorkin, Kim Moscaritolo, Trixze Smith, Noah Diamond, Brian Louis Hoffman

Musical Arrangements 
and Piano:
 D.J. Thacker

Written and Directed by Noah Diamond and 
Amanda Sisk

Scenes: ""The Wedding," "Intelligent Design," "Save it for Later," "Pharmacist for Life," "Deep Inside
Washington," "Roe v. 
Wade," "Abortionland," 
"The Education of Mopsy Jimenez- Tippington," "Santorum," "The McPatton Thing," "The Armor You Have," 
"Talking to the Pictures," "Culture of Life"

Songs: "Moral Value 
Meal," "For the Love of 
God," "The Creature," 
"Corporations Are People Too," "God Bless the G.O.P," "Moral Value Meal Finale"

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