Moral Value Meal (2006)







A hilarious comedy 
about the death of 
freedom in America.

Original Production:
Urban Stages, New York,  May 2006

Cast: Amanda Sisk, 
Corey Moosa, Ellie 
Dvorkin, Kim Moscaritolo, Trixze Smith, Noah Diamond, Brian Louis Hoffman

Musical Arrangements 
and Piano:
 D.J. Thacker

Written and Directed by Noah Diamond and 
Amanda Sisk

Scenes: ""The Wedding," "Intelligent Design," "Save it for Later," "Pharmacist for Life," "Deep Inside
Washington," "Roe v. 
Wade," "Abortionland," 
"The Education of Mopsy Jimenez- Tippington," "Santorum," "The McPatton Thing," "The Armor You Have," 
"Talking to the Pictures," "Culture of Life"

Songs: "Moral Value 
Meal," "For the Love of 
God," "The Creature," 
"Corporations Are People Too," "God Bless the G.O.P," "Moral Value Meal Finale"

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