I take the craft of lyric-writing as seriously as I take any of these other crafts, which are less exact sciences. I don't think any other kind of writing is more difficult, or more satisfying when it works out well.

My most recent lyric-writing credit is also my longest-gestating project -- my adaptation of the lost 1924 Marx Brothers musical I'll Say She Is. I spent years researching, adapting, and expanding Will B. Johnstone's original book and lyrics, and am responsible for roughly half the lyrics in the adaptation.

Together with my constant collaborator Amanda Sisk, I wrote the music and lyrics for the Nero Fiddled musicals. [And we wouldn't make that claim without also acknowledging the arrangements of DJ Thacker (Moral Value Meal and Life After Bush) and Death Mask (Burning Bush).] Two of the songs from Life After Bush are available online: "Corporations Are People Too" and "It's Been a Bad Eight Years."

My unproduced musical Broadway Memory became my produced comic strip, Love Marches On, and the lyrics for a few songs survived into the strip. The Love Marches On book includes additional lyrics from the stillborn stage version.

More: My "United Nations Song," featured in Travesties of 2012, is now a Vaudephone video, produced by VaudeVisuals and Trav S.D. Watch it here. Watch the older "flag video" version here. I've written songs for several children's musicals, as well as The Fourth Wall (with West Hyler) and The Men in Mabel's Life. And Sisk and I have composed music for our pals Mel & El, with whom we shared a 2008 Backstage Bistro Award for Best Comedy Song.

Noah at the piano


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