If I'm any one thing, I'm a writer. If I'm any two things, I'm two writers.

I've been writing for the theatre since childhood. My best-known effort is my adaptation and expansion of Will B. Johnstone's original book and lyrics for I'll Say She Is.

Amanda Sisk and I co-wrote the Nero Fiddled political musicals. My earlier plays and musicals include Missing Manhattan, Love and Cheese, The Men in Mabel's Life, and The Fourth Wall (co-written with West Hyler).

My book Gimme a Thrill: The Story of I'll Say She Is, the Lost Marx Brothers Musical, and How it Was Found was published in 2016 by BearManor Media.

I wrote and illustrated Love Marches On, a daily comic strip adapted from my unproduced musical Broadway Memory. I later expanded Love Marches On into a beautiful book.

My first book, 400 Years in Manhattan, is based on my stage show of the same name. I'm sure you already own at least one copy.

I've also written numerous articles and essays about theatre, musicals, the Marx Brothers, New York City history, and politics. You can find some of this on my Medium page. Also, this homage to Damon Runyon. I've contributed to Zelda magazine, Spaz Comics, and other fine publications; and I've blogged about politics, comedy, and musical theatre.

I'm also a songwriter, and I know how to make pizza.


© 2017 Noah Diamond