If I'm any one thing, I'm a writer. If I'm any two things, I'm two writers.

I've been writing for the theatre since childhood. My best-known (but still barely known) plays are the Nero Fiddled political musicals, co-written with Amanda Sisk. My earlier plays and musicals include Missing Manhattan, Love and Cheese, The Men in Mabel's Life, and The Fourth Wall (co-written with West Hyler).

I researched, adapted, and expanded Will B. Johnstone's original book and lyrics for I'll Say She Is.

My most recent piece of original long-form writing is Love Marches On.

I occasionally blog about politics at Nero Fiddled, comedy at Noah's Comedy Palace, and other things at ZVBXRPL. I've not been very attentive to the blogs lately, busy with other things, but you never know when the urge will strike. I could unexpectedly blog at any minute.

My first book, 400 Years in Manhattan, is based on my stage show of the same name. I'm sure you already own at least one copy.

Besides 400 Years in Manhattan, I've written several articles about New York City's history, landmarks, and culture. My favorite is this homage to Damon Runyon.

I'm slowly working on a book about the comedians I love. A brief excerpt is here.


400 Years in Manhattan

Life After Bush


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