Before their film career, the Marx Brothers were the stars of three Broadway musicals. Two of these, The Cocoanuts and Animal Crackers, became the first two Marx Brothers movies, and are regularly revived on stage. But their 1924 Broadway debut, I'll Say She Is, was lost to history, unseen since the Marxes delivered its final performance in 1925.

I spent several years researching, restoring, and adapting the book and score of this lost masterpiece. These efforts resulted in a series of staged readings at Marxfest, a workshop production at the New York International Fringe Festival, and an acclaimed Off Broadway productionat the Connelly Theater in 2016.

My book Gimme a Thrill presents the complete history of the show through 2014 (you can read the first chapter for free before buying several copies for everyone you know).

In anticipation of the upcoming expanded edition of Gimme a Thrill, you can read some of my thoughts and feelings about the historic 2016 Off Broadway production in these essays:

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