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The definitive history of I'll Say She Is, including the Marx Brothers' original, legendary production, and my personal odyssey of restoring and reviving it. The most complete and detailed history of I'll Say She Is ever written, Gimme a Thrill also includes more than eighty rare photographs, including many published here for the first time.

Love Marches On
By Noah Diamond

The Love Marches On book collects the entire series of Love Marches On comic strips and broadsheets (originally published in 2013), along with much supplemental material and other bonus features. The story takes place in and around Times Square, in the years 1925 and 1975.

400 Years in Manhattan
By Noah Diamond

Based on my stage show of the same name, 400 Years in Manhattan presents a potted history of the world's most enchanted island, along with recollections of my career as a tour guide in the scrappy heyday of the double-decker bus biz.