THE LOVE MARCHES ON BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE! Read a sample and get your copy.
See my work in the current issues of Zelda: The Magazine of the Vintage Nouveau and SPAZ Comics!
I'll Say She Is Love Marches On Marxfest
My historic adaptation of I'll Say She Is, seen at Marxfest and FringeNYC in 2014, returns to the New York stage in a spectacular new production at the Connelly Theater in the spring of 2016! The Love Marches On book is now available! A saga of Broadway in comic strips, the story takes place in the years 1925 and 1975. Read a sample, watch the video, and get your copy! I'm proud and delighted to have been among the principal organizers of Marxfest, New York City's month-long celebration of the Marx Brothers, in May of 2014.
The United Nations Song Plebo Spot The Brothers
VaudeVisuals and Trav S.D. produced this Vaudephone video of my "United Nations Song," as seen in Travesties of 2012. (Older version here.) Watch videos of me as Groucho Marx. Watch The Brothers, a film I assembled on behalf of the 93rd Street Beautification Association.
400 Years in Manhattan The Obama Campaign Birds Corporations Are People Too
400 Years in Manhattan is my history of the world's greatest city. Watch a clip here, and buy the book from Amazon, B&N, Lulu, or iTunes. During one performance of Life After Bush (2008), I spent two and a half minutes ad-libbing about birds. Watch a video of the stirring anthem "Corporations Are People Too," written by Amanda Sisk and me. More Nero Fiddled video here.
Amazing Fighter Pilot Adventures Ralph Piss Trampled by a Horse
If you can stand the excitement, watch this thrilling video, Amazing Fighter Pilot Adventures #342. It's even better than the first 341 episodes! I loathe everything that Ralph Piss stands for. Why, then, is he here? Why do I promote him? It's because he's so handsome. Most of my work is comedic, but once in a while I do something gravely serious, such as Trampled by a Horse.
American Bank Max Fleming Bread and Butter
In America, planning your future means planning your future, in America. American Bank. Because your dreams are like the sun. Max Fleming is one of the great vocalists in the history of American popular song. Amanda Sisk and Noah Diamond present Bread and Butter. Watch their lovable antics in The Best Things in Life Are Free and Bread and Butter at Work.
Tillo Marx Abortionland Dr. Hackenbush Restored
"Tillo Marx," my Marxist revision of The New Yorker's Eustace Tilly, was printed in the magazine's 85th anniversary issue. Contact me to purchase a print. "Abortionland" is one of my favorite Nero Fiddled sketches, from our 2008 production Life After Bush. Written by Amanda Sisk and me. More Nero video here. Watch Dr. Hackenbush Restored, which restores the song "Dr. Hackenbush" to its rightful place in the Brothers' 1937 film A Day at the Races.
The World Has Sprung a Leak Penguin Home Invasion The Cradle Will Rock
Read some poetry by my grandfather, Joseph Lerner. Some years ago, our home was invaded by tiny penguins. (We moved.) Read all about it, and survey the photographic evidence, at Penguin Home Invasion. Read my essays on the lyrics, the original recording, and the 2013 Encores production of Marc Blitzstein's agitprop masterpiece.
New Faces of 1492 What? Pathological-Incoherent Theatre
New Faces of 1492 is an animated film that dares to tell the truth about Christopher Columbus: He was a schmuck.
I really don't know what this is. Bernard Gurk's Pathological-Incoherent Theatre Company has been a staple of the downtown arts scene for decades.
The new Nixon tapes The Staten Island Scooting Elk  
Listen to exclusive excerpts from the unreleased recordings of Richard Nixon. Don't ask me how I got my hands on them. Just don't. Save the Staten Island Scooting Elk! Don't shoot -- let them scoo t.  

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